Bell Lil Ripper Helmet

Brand: BELL

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The Bell Lil Ripper Kids Helmet is all about making riding accessible for little one, whether they're strapped into a child seat or balancing on their own two wheels. Constructed out of Bell's fusion in-mould polycarbonate shell, the Lil Ripper provides extended coverage and protection to your child's head without adding ridiculous weight. While the unique Action Fit design and associated dial make it easy to adjust the Lil Ripper to your child's head for a snug yet comfortable fit. Bell didn't stop there, knowing how painful pinched skin can be, so they've included their legendary No-Pinch SmartLock Buckle, preventing painful pinched skin and ensuring they have a snug fit for the best impact protection. If you've struggled to convince your child to wear a helmet or even join you on a ride, then have no fear: the Lil Ripper features funky graphics that'll really make them want to wear it all day long - good luck getting it off! With the Bell Lil Ripper Kids Helmet, your child will be properly protected for all their adventures while looking just as cool as they feel!


  • Action Fit™
  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • SmartLock™ No-Pinch Side Buckle


  • Weight: 221g
  • Vents: 10
  • Sizes: 45cm-52cm, 48cm-55cm
  • Certifications
    • CE EN1078
    • CPSC Bicycle