Gnarly Tubeless Performance Inserts Blue


Always Use Protection - if you are riding tubeless, rim protection is a must. Tubeless is all about running lower tyre pressures; GNARLY protectors give you the confidence to ride harder and faster, focusing on the trail not your bike. Get Gnarly, Ride Gnarly.

Improved Suspension - the GNARLY system works with your bikes suspension, giving you a smoother, more dialed ride by reducing trail chatter and vibration. Less vibration and chatter means more control when the trails get gnarly!

Less Rotational Mass - GNARLY rim protectors are super lightweight. The lighter your wheel is the faster it accelerates and quicker it responds to changes in direction, important for getting up hills, avoiding trees and staying on the trail!

Super Easy DIY Installation - did we mention how easy the GNARLY Rim Protector are to install? You won’t believe how easy it is! If you can fit a tyre, you can fit GNARLY Tubeless Inserts. All you need is a sharp knife, sealant, and I always have a couple or plastic tyre levers on standby just in case. It’s a one beer job (or favourite non-alcoholic beverage if you are not of legal drinking age!) so no need to invite mates over for an epic weekend, you’ll be out riding your favourite trails in no time!