Keep Your Rear Number Plate Clearly Visible This great PlateMate from Yakima is designed to hold your Australian Road Regulations Number Plate where it's clearly visible either on your rear mounted bike carrier or actually hanging from the mounted bike frame itself. Weighs Just 500g Using easy to manage hook & loop straps, PlateMate installs in four easy steps and can be mounted to most rear carriers or bikes. The empty holder weighs only 500grams and will ensure your plate is held securely and clearly visible for other road users and authorities to see. Hook & Loop Strap Attachment Simply attach your assembled PlateMate to your bike carrier using the 2 x Hook & Loop Straps provided. There's plenty of length in the straps to secure it to both the bike and the rack if you prefer. The remaining Hook & Loop strap can be threaded through one of the lower slots in the PlateMate to prevent it from swinging if you opt to attach PlateMate to the rear-most bicycle on the carrier. Complies With Australian Regulations This Yakima PlateMate complies with all Australian state regulations for the display of an accessory number plate on a vehicle and is suitable for all Australian accessory number plates. It is totally compatible with all Yakima bike racks and can be fitted to most other rack brands too. Kit Contents 1 x Back Plate 2 x Knurled Nuts 2 x Screws 3 x Hook & Loop Straps