Prepd Recover Sachets Vanilla

Brand: PREPD

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Vanilla flavoured recover sachets are a post-workout hydration enhancer. consume immediately after exercise as an integral step in your recovery routine.

  • Mix 1 sachet (46g) Prepd vanilla recover with 300ml water/milk (see the back of the sachet for detailed instructions).
  • An optimal blend of resistant starch, electrolytes, whey protein and leucine.
  • Patented resistant starch formulation, allowing up to 39% more absorption of fluids per day & better rehydration for up to 18 hours after consumption.
  • A prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.
  • Additional benefits - everyday hydration, long haul flights, gut health and work hydration management.
  • Every production batch is independently tested by hasta (a nata accredited laboratory) for over 200 wada banned substances. hastatm used under licence.